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ISS RoboClean TM
We are the Air Duct Cleaning Contractor accredited ISO 9001 Certificate in Hong Kong & South East Asia.

Company Background

ISS RoboClean (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1993 to meet the need for indoor air quality improvement and environmental protection services.

The Company started with air duct cleaning services at the time it was founded. With its continuous and persistent efforts, more and more people realize the importance of air duct cleaning related to better indoor air quality and health. Nowadays, many government buildings, hospitals, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings do their air duct cleaning every year in order to maintain a good indoor air quality.

In line with the trend of rising consciousness and importance of IAQ, the Company expanded its business to other air quality related services and products such as Ultraviolet Natural Air Purifier, Electrostatic Type Air Cleaner and Odor Control System, etc.

In 1998, the Company awarded ISO 9001 International Quality Standard by HKQAA and was the first air duct cleaning contracting company accredited this qualification in Asia.



Member of ISS Group
ISS Facility Services Ltd. is a part of one of the world's largest facility service groups, employing 14,000 people in Hong Kong, who are engaged in the front-line delivery of facility support services. ISS Group in turn owns a number of subsidiary companies that provide specific service to customers and ISS RoboClean (HK) Co. Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries that specializes in the field of indoor air quality.