Air Purifier

Model: VisionAir 
Model: Grace  

EUROMATE Air Cleaners remove all kinds of pollution from the air and end the annoying discussions on smoking. With their sensational effect they contribute to a healthier living and working environment, in which everybody feels better and more energetic. EUROMATE Air Cleaners have a noticeable positive effect on work performance, productivity and reduction of illness-related absence. When you choose EUROMATE, you emphasise your healthy view on work conditions. You also show that you care about the well-being of your employees and visitors.

Perfect Air Cleaning in Every Situation

Your specific wishes and requirements can be accommodated with the EUROMATE Air Cleaners. The units are used in many applications, such as in offices, bars, restaurants, service stations, hospitals, smoking rooms, hairdressers, meeting rooms and dentists. The installation of each EUROMATE Air Cleaner is simple and it can be anywhere:

  • VisionAir can be placed on a stand. Whichever model you choose, EUROMATE Air Cleaners fit into each interior.

  • Grace is a fine freestanding model and is available in no less than four colours. They perform their clean task in style. And quietly. The sound level is lower than that of an average PC. Everything breathes comfort¡K

EUROMATE Air Cleaners are used with electrostatic filter system to remove the Fine Suspended Particulates (FSP).

(Overview of the (in)visibility of air polluters.)

Experience the Difference with Traditional Air Cleaners

  • Spectacular filter performance: better than all other air cleaners
  • Use electrostatic filter to capture fine suspended particles in air, significantly improve the IAQ
  • Catch pollutants down to 0.01 micron
  • Splendid design that fits into each interior
  • Low noise level
  • CE Certified
  • User-friendly remote control