Air Purifier

Model: P800

SANUVOX Air Purifiers are designed to change the molecular structure of the contaminant through Photo-Oxidation and DNA Sterilization destroying both biological and chemical contaminants including odors. 

Ultaviolet (UV) Purification Theory  

Sunlight is the most effective natural air purifiers known to break down contaminants.SANUVOX recreates the effects of sunlight, use ultraviolet (UVC & UVV) to naturally decompose, destroy and purify biological and chemical contaminants at one time.

Anti Bacteria, Anti-Odor Process


Experience the Difference with Traditional Air Purifiers

  • Use ultraviolet to destroy bacteria in air, significantly reduce the chance of infection through air
  • Eliminate Odor
  • No replacement of filter
  • Class 1 Medical Device registered in Canada
  • CSA & NRTL/C Certified
List of Microorganisms that can be Destroyed by Sanuvox
 B. Parathphosus  Lengioncellosis   S. Tyhimurium
 Bacillus Anthracis   Micrococcus Candidus   Sacharomyces Ellipsoide
 Dysentery Bacilli   Measles   Staphylococcus Aureus
 Escherichia Coli   Proteus Vulgaris   Streptococcus Lactis
 Influenza   S. Enteritidis  Tuberculosis Bacilli
List of Odors that can be Destroyed by Sanuvox
 Body Odors  Fish  Poultry Odors
 Cigarette Smoke  Gasoline  Paint & Redecorations
 Cooking Odors  Hospital Odors  Pet Odors
 Decaying Substances  Household Smells  Mold
 Fertilizer  Industrial Wastes  Toilet Odors