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According to the US-EPA, the cleanliness of air duct system significantly affects the indoor air quality. Contaminants in air duct can affect our health in may ways, including bacteria, molds, viruses, dust particles, dust mites and insect remains.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Inside the air duct, bacteria grow rapidly because of the following conditions:

  • Enough food (dust)
  • Warm temperature (shut down the AC system during nighttimes)
  • Water (condensation water or duct leakage)
Robotic Inspection Before and after cleaning, use a Remote Control Robotic Inspector to record the condition inside the air duct.
IAQ Laboratory Testing According to International Standards and Guidelines, carry out different laboratory testings to evaluate the hygienic standard inside the air duct.
On-Site Preparation Before cleaning, the service area is protected by coverings to avoid damage or contaminate of service area.
Air Duct Cleaning Source Removal Method to physically agitate the debris and pollutants adhered to the air duct system. Use the appropriate sizes and material bristle brushes to clean the air duct. While brushing, collect the contaminant with high efficiency dust collector.
Air Duct Sanitising After the removal of pollutants, sanitise the entire air duct by US-EPA registered Sanitising Solution / Disinfectant.
Site Clearance After cleaning, collect all the protective coating and clean up the site area to ensure no impact of business cycle.
Service Follow Up Programme A special programme is exclusively made for our air duct cleaning client. Includes Robotic inspection and Indoor Air Pollutants Laboratory Testing to investigate the IAQ of the environment, providing factual information for Upper Management to evaluate the IAQ and to set up schedule for IAQ Improvement Works.


Air Duct Sterilization

Air Duct Sanitization Service Coverage

  • All air grilles
  • Internal surface of the air duct

Benefits of Sanitization Service

  • Killing the bacteria on the internal surfaces of air duct
  • Reducing the chance of infections
  • Reducing the sick rate and increasing the overall productivity

Procedure of Sanitization Works

   Step 1: Return Air Grilles Sanitization

Step 2: Fan Coil Unit Sanitization 

 Step 3: Fan Coil Unit Sanitization

Step 4: Air Grille Sanitization