IAQ Laboratory Testing
IAQ Laboratory Testing investigates the IAQ of the environment. It provides factual information to evaluate the IAQ and to set up schedule for IAQ Improvement Works.
We provide
Measurement of IAQ parameters
 Airborne Bacteria  Air Movement
 Carbon Dioxide (CO2)  Carbon Monoxide (CO)
 Formaldehyde (HCHO)  Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
 Ozone(O3)  Radon (Rn)
 Relative Humidity  Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP)
 Room Temperature  Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)

Generate analysis report to illustrate the IAQ
A comprehensive IAQ Report will be issued which includes:
1. Result of IAQ laboratory testing 
(Issued by accredited laboratory in Hong Kong)
2. Details of Principle of Measurement, Testing Equipment and Sampling Procedure
3. Comparison of result against HKEPD and International Standards
4. Professional recommendation to improve IAQ

Provide recommendations and solutions to achieve a healthy indoor environment